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    Basic Awareness of the Breath Practice (ENGLISH): Getting started (10 minutes)

    This is Basic Training for your brain, your mind, and your heart.  Train your brain to focus and pay attention, train your mind to wander less, and develop attitudes of kindness and acceptance.  Practicing this regularly for even a few minutes a day can make a big difference in your life.  Try it and see what you discover.  

    מודעות לנשימה:  תרגול בסיסי  Basic Awareness of the Breath Practice, in HEBREW: Getting started (10 minutes)

    Forgiveness Meditation (ENGLISH): Getting started (35 minutes)
    It’s almost impossible to go through life without being hurt by someone, without hurting someone, and without hurting ourselves.  Carrying around these experiences within us costs us emotionally and physically.  This practice invites you to explore, respectfully and gently, the possibility of beginning to release some of this burden.