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MBSR-Israel Teacher Training Certification Program

The MBSR-Israel Teacher Training Certification Program provides participants with a deep understanding and application of the essence of mindfulness as delivered in the MBSR course. The program is suitable both for those who plan to teach the classic 8-week basic course, as well as for those who might not end up teaching the course but who seek a thorough grounding in it in order to integrate more fully into their personal lives and/or their work. Overview of the MBSR training course:

  • MBSR Israel – Module 1 (The Practicum): a ten-week training program built around participation in the 8-week course. 70 hours of instruction.
  • MBSR Israel – Module 2: Core Training in MBSR: 2 five-day modules providing 90 hours of intensive immersion in all didactic and experiential aspects of the MBSR curriculum.
  • MBSR Israel – Module 3: Supervised student teaching

Overview of the MBSR training course:


MBSR Israel – Module 1: “The Practicum”: 10 Week Training Program

This first module of training is embedded within an 8-week MBSR course, in which trainees participate fully as participant-observers. In addition, trainees participate in weekly 5-hour didactic and experiential professional training seminars allowing for an in-depth exploration of the curriculum as it unfolds from week to week. Experiencing the course from these multiple vantage points allows trainees to familiarize themselves with the curriculum while exploring, on a more personal level, the range of issues that arise in the course and the practices. Developed in alignment with the Training Guidelines of the Center for Mindfulness in the US, the Practicum is one of the foundational training programs of the MBSR-ISRAEL Teacher Training certification program for professionals intending to teach MBSR or adapt the principles of MBSR into their current professional practices. MBSR-Israel Teaching Training Module 1 (“The Practicum”) begins June 3, 2016. Some spaces are still available. Download the Course Schedule now.

MBSR Israel Module 2: In-Depth Training in Content and Process in MBSR

MBSR Israel 2 is comprised of two 5-day intensive modules, devoted to an in-depth exploration of the MBSR curriculum in detail, reviewing its theoretical, philosophical and scientific underpinnings. In this module, trainees will develop competency through discussion and relevant readings, and will develop direct personal competency in teaching through role-play and feedback within the training cohort. Group process, the process of inquiry, the creation of a safe learning environment and other pedagogical and psycho-educational issues will be explored. We will address practical, administrative and business aspects of running MBSR programs. Attention will be paid to participants’ personal process. Trainees will be expected to keep a journal of their own process, and to begin developing their own teaching and support materials. Trainees will also be expected to begin practicing their teaching by practicing guiding friends, colleagues and associates (non-clinical populations) in the various practices and bring back feedback to the group for review and discussion. Assessment of proficiency with regard to both curriculum content and teaching competency must be demonstrated at the end of Module 2 through Written and Oral Proficiency Exams.

MBSR Israel – Module 3: Supervised Student Teaching

Working in pairs wherever possible, trainees will recruit and teach an entire MBSR course, for which they will prepare their own teaching and support materials. They will conduct the class under supervision (either directly or via video/audiotapes) and will attend regularly scheduled group and individual supervision sessions. A personal journal of their experiences teaching the course will form part of the final evaluation of their progress.

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